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For the women looking for more...

Monthly Women's Newsletter;

Offering you deeper resources for a life of more fulfillment, trust, and self worth.

Have you ever found yourself searching 

for workbooks, exercises, prompts, that will bring you more:





I know I did often...

Well, look no further!

These newsletters are here to give you

insight and actionable steps. 

So you can have more; awareness, power, and choice in navigating all of life's challenge and adventures!

You are not alone, I've got your back!

What's Included?

Every month you will receive a newsletter which will include:

Monthly Topics

Deeper insights and awareness around a topic for more power and choice in navigating your thoughts, patterns, and behaviors

Daily Tips

Awareness is great but

without action it can often times leave us

feeling stuck

Daily Tips so you can break old thoughts and patterns.

Reflective Questions

We live in a LOUD world,

often times it can be hard to hear ourselves.

By turning inward you are

giving yourself the microphone.

You are the center of your own story

A Guided Meditation

A visualization to embody a deeper part of yourself.


That's Me!
Des Caminos

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