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Des Caminos

Embodiment Life Coach & Somatic Practitioner

Owner of The Interconnectedself LLC

I guide women on their healing journey to navigate big emotions and find lasting emotional freedom using practical, easy, and proven methods, although a little quirky and unconventional.


Are you a women dealing with fear of failure, a LOUD inner critic, or the  feeling of "it's never enough"? You are not alone, I promise. 

Are you ready to build inner trust and liberate yourself from old habits so that you can experience lasting peace, and deep trust as you come home to themselves.

The Interconnected Self​

 A transformational coaching practice where we transform self-doubt into self-worth and heal the ROOT causes of any perceived limitations. 

Are you ready to try again?
To meet your own needs & strengthen who you are?

Des has been leading life changing, transformational workshops for almost 10 years internationally. 

Des has lived a life filled with pained past experiences.

She is no stranger to trauma... 
She understands that she had to Live through certain things to truly Learn. 
Now she shares her MESSages with other women so they can live free and empowered.


My Vision

To live in a world where women feel
SAFE in expressing themselves
POWERFUL in their capacity to thrive and
CONFIDENT in who they are.


I know that such a world exists,

and women deserve that world.


A world where women aren’t struggling with self-doubt, we don’t abandon ourselves for partners, and we can feel safe in saying no, choosing ourselves, and pursuing our desires.


I empower overachieving empathetic women

to silence their Inner Critic and break away

from the mindset of "Not Enough"

so they can live with more clarity, fulfillment and FREEDOM

I specialize in inner child work, limiting beliefs, anxiety and overcoming trauma. I invite in a sense of play and safety so we can lovingly and safely look at the past while heading towards your bright future!


Monthly Women's Newsletter;

Offering you deeper resources for a life of more fulfillment, trust, and self worth.

Have you ever found yourself searching 

for workbooks, exercises, prompts, that will bring you more:





I know I did often...

Well, look no further!

These newsletters are here to give you

insight and actionable steps. 

So you can have more; awareness, power, and choice in navigating all of life's challenge and adventures!

You are not alone, I've got your back!

Have you ever told yourself I won't do that again...

But then the moment comes and you do said thing AGAIN?

It's ok, it's happened to all of us!

Limiting beliefs are beliefs that limit us in some way that we hold to be true.

This Daily Limiting Beliefs Workbook is here to help you become aware of your limiting beliefs. 

So you can have more POWER, choice, and control in navigating life's triggering moments and beautiful adventures.



to Des Caminos

Des Caminos is the creator and owner of The Interconnected Self LLC - a transformational coaching practice where we transform self-doubt into confidence and heal the ROOT causes of any perceived limitations.

Des believes in making your healing journey, safe and playful. 
Des understands when it comes to healing and looking at our past it can often come with a lot of heaviness, pain, and discomfort which Des understands can prevent people from healing. 

By bringing in play, curiosity, and a judgment free space, her clients can shift from survival and "have to" or "not enough" mindsets and into a mindset of deep inner trust!

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Book Your

Freedom Breakthrough Session

During this free 30 minute session you will:

  • Address your biggest challenge around the Inner Critic or "not enough" mindset so that you can take empowered action!

  • Create a mini-plan that is unique to YOU and your story

  • Discover deeper ways for support!

You are NOT alone
I've got your back!

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