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Intuitive Somatic Healing

Intuitive somatic healing, healing the body, healing inner thoughts, inner child work

Connecting to stored memories and energy in your body. 

Offering a deeper level of healing and insight.

Deep healing. Energy work. Energy healing and releasing, Somatic healing

Why somatic?

Our bodies store experiences as well as our perception of those experiences. How we internalized the world around us and how we use this knowledge to process the current world and our experiences. 

Body stores experience. How to heal the body, healing the body, addressing limiting beliefs
Healing and transformation, deel healing, inner knowing, creating choice, creating power, getting to know yourself, Creating a life you love, authentic

Ok so, what's somatic?

When I talk about somatic, I am talking about the body. Somatic work/healing is partnering with the body and addressing all of it's insight and physiological messages to create a more interconnected process of healing and transformation.

Is this for you?

Are you:

accepting yourself, energy work, shadow work, gaining control over my life, how to, stored memories, heaing stored memories, addressing trauma

Ready to move away from limiting beliefs such as I am bad, I don't deserve success, If I disappoint someone I won't be loved.....

Tired of being caught in unwanted thought patterns, habits, or unwanted actions....

Ready to "level up" in the process that is accepting yourself and move from a place of choice and power. 

Embody, embodiment, how to feel worthy, how to feel confident, how to heal,

Then yes. 
This is for you.

How to feel free, help in healing, ready to change my life, living authenticly, authenticity, feeling whole.

Please know:

When we work with stored memories and energy in the body, we do not always know what will arise. 


This process requires a level of trust, acceptance and surrender.

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If you are called, if you are ready, I am here. 

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