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Tapping Into Yourself
A 6 month program created for womxn.
Program closes May 12

Empowerment is a process, and it is not always an easy one.


We believe that inner work creates outer change. It's time to silence outside influences and make way for the voice that is yours.

This program will provide you with actionable steps to take in your day to day that will boost your sense of self and help you step into your own power and foster collective healing

We will focus on 5 themes:

1) Setting Your Framework

Discovering core elements that make you, YOU. Your authentic self, free of projections or narratives that have been placed onto you

Through evaluating our values, self image, self ideal, and beliefs we can begin to set a framework that you can build yourself on..

2) Finding Your Voice

Discovering who you are, how you want to show up in the world, and how to express yourself. No longer will we swallow our words or our emotions.  

3) Identifying Your Boundaries

We will identify your boundaries as well as you safety! Here we will not only identify what they are but we will learn how to express our boundaries as well as stand in them. We will work on fears and emotionalized thought patterns around saying no to others or expressing our boundaries. It's time we say yes to us in a healthy way that fosters connection and empowerment!

4) Igniting Your Inner Flame

Here we will connect to your desires and how to manifest them in this reality. You will get clear on what you desire out of this life. We will learn how to move towards it with the excitement and drive of your own limitless potential.

5) Defining Success Through Authenticity

We've broken away from the mold of woman and shedded expectations and beliefs around who we are... now with a clear sense of self, connected to our desire and limitless potential we move towards success! Here we get clear on what your success is and looks like and how to not only create success but embody it.

Our goal is to help you tap into your power!

Tap into who you are, who you were always meant to be and take your personal growth to a new level!

What to expect: 

Program closes
May 12

  • 30 hours of individual sessions to break away from limiting beliefs, false narratives and to discover and embody your power and authentic self.
  • 54 customized weekly emails (2 per week) with exercises, reflections, and invitations to daily action so that you can dive deeper into the work and into yourself.
  • Personalized E-book filled with reflective and inspirational exercises so that you can bring your essence and energy into one place with you everywhere, because you deserve it.
  • Additional SMS support so that you know, I have your back and that you can be witnessed and seen in your journey.

Your Investment


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