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Healing The
Inner Child

A transformational 9 week 

1-1 coaching journey

We all deserve to be loved and accepted. 


This program is about exploring our feelings and parts of ourselves that we might have;


  • Abandoned

  • Dismissed

  • Rejected 


Because, they were labeled as too much, inappropriate, weird, etc. 

We explore internalized concepts and belief systems both in the body and mind. 


We heal and transform the ROOT causes of any pain, trauma, perceived limitations. 

Are You:

  • READY to heal.
  • ​COMMITTED to your healing journey.
  • READY to rewrite your narrative.
  • OPEN to new perspectives.
  • READY to break away from unwanted thoughts and habits.
  • READY work with your trauma from a place of safety, authenticity, & love.

By the end of this program you will:

  • Be free of old belief systems.

  • Feel more connected to who YOU are

  • Find your inner authentic self.
    (Who you really are & what you really believe)

  • Develop a stronger level of internal trust.

What you get:

  • 9 hours of individual sessions to dive deep into your personal discovery and inner reflections. 
  • 12 personalized exercises sent to your email to continue your connection and healing journey.
  • 6 meditations that heal past belief systems and awaken your inner strength and knowing.
  • Additional SMS support to be seen, guided and witnessed outside of sessions.

Pink Clouds

Your Investment


We will focus on 5 themes:

  1. Acknowledgement

  2. Love

  3. Trust/Safety

  4. Worth

  5. Expression

Tap into who you are, who you were always meant to be and take your personal growth to a new level!
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