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I've Got Your Back!

Life a life you love

The life you deserve

My Approach:

I specialize in; 

  • Trauma work

  • Inner child Healing

  • Somatic Work

Although I don't like spooky movies I have no problem sitting with women in the dark while they prepare for the bright future ahead.

I know it can be hard to stay connected to who we are in the LOUD world we live in. 

I am here to support you in hearing your inner wisdom and trusting yourself so you can live a life of confidence, joy, & fulfillment

Are you
called and ready
to change your life and move towards a life where you happily and confidently trust that
you can handle whatever life throws at you?

Flower Girl


I am the Queen of Going Beyond Limiting Beliefs.


I am the advocate for the inner child. 


I rejoice in empowering women to feel safe in their own mind and break away from old wounds "not enough" and live with more clarity, fulfill, and FREEDOM

Are you ready for
Freedom from these limiting voices in your head?  

Book a Freedom Breakthrough Call and see if we are a good fit for one another. 

Des Caminos Article Interview 
Subkit: Go Solo Stories


My Vision:

To live in a world where women feel safe in expressing themselves, powerful in their capacity to thrive, and confident in who they are.

I know that such a world exists, and women deserve that world.

A world where women aren’t struggling with self-doubt, we don’t abandon ourselves for partners, and we can feel safe in saying no, choosing ourselves, and pursuing OUR desires.

Des Caminos with Dr. Temeca Richardson.
Life Coach In A Box

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