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Purple Smoke

Women People Pleasers:

3 ways to build
confidence and inner Trust

Oct. 11th at 11AM PST

This is a FREE Masterclass on knowing your boundaries/limit and being able to confidently stand in them!

So you can live with more confidence and inner trust!

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This is for you

if you:

  • Don't feel safe in saying no

  • Have been raised to be the caretaker -nurturer

  • Are empathetic and love helping people...

Are you:

  • Exhausted all the time in over giving

  • Feeling like you are taken advantage of

  • Which you had more time for yourself

Then this is for you.

What you'll Learn

  • How to hear the wisdom of your body and emotions.
    So you can know your limits and avoid resentment. 

  • Des's proven heart based Boundary Badass system.
    So you can safely and lovingly express & stand in your boundaries while maintaining respect for yourself and the other person.

    How to choose you 
    So you can stay energized and feel confident

Thank you on behalf of everyone you have ever helped, supported, gone above and beyond



You are so much more

then what you do for others. 
As women it can be extremely difficult

to say no to people. 

So you can have more energy for yourself

and others while maintaining

respect for others and YOURSELF

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