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Join the 7 Day Chakra Challenge!
August 1-7

Join me as we reunite with our chakras and look at our lives from a reflective place of intention and symbolism. 

Each one of the chakras corresponds to different areas of live and self.

By looking at ourselves through the lens of the different chakras we can reconnect to ourselves and offer expansion, awareness, love and healing into our daily lives.

In the Chakra Challenge Facebook group I will share:

- A short video for the assigned chakra

- A brief chakra cleansing meditation

- Reflective Questions

- Activities to invite in the energy of the chakra into your day.

Videos will be available for 4 days after the final chakra connect. 

This might call to you

if you are:

  • Are looking for new ways to expand your sense of self.

  • Interested in learning more about the chakras.

  • Are interested in feeling more grounded in your sense of self.

  • Looking to shift perspective.

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