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Module 1: The Personification

Welcome to the transformative journey where we infuse vitality into our emotions and mindset through the profound art of personification. With this empowering process, we breathe life into our emotions, embracing choice, authenticity, and lightheartedness at every turn.

As we embark on this path, you'll experience a profound shift in how you relate to your emotions. By personifying them, you grant yourself the gift of deeper separation, creating spaciousness to respond to life with clarity and intention rather than reaction. This newfound control offers you the freedom to navigate life's twists and turns with grace and resilience."

I invite you to, place a hand over your heart

As I place my hand over my heart,

I embrace the journey ahead with courage and grace.

I invite my inner child to playfully guide me,

infusing each step with creativity, freedom, and innocence.

May my path be filled with authenticity, abundance, and joy.

With gratitude, I honor the power within me and embrace the unfolding journey ahead.

This Week's Fresh Content

Watch March 6th replay
The Foundation Forge 

Watch March 13th replayThe Embodied Workshop

Watch March 20th replay

7 Day Chakra Challenge



Week 1 March 6th

The Foundation Forge
@ 12-2pm Pacific

Here we begin our transformative journey where we bring emotions to life through personification, fostering choice, authenticity, and lightheartedness. By embracing this approach, you’ll gain deeper separation from your emotions, empowering you to respond to life with choice and control, free from reactive patterns

Week 2 March 13th

Embodied Wisdom Workshop
@ 12-2pm Pacific

Integrate your body and nervous system as you embody the wisdom shared in our group trainings on personification. Here we honor the body as a partner for transformation and self-discovery, providing a nurturing environment for the personification process to unfold for lasting transformation.


Week 3 March 20th

Action Lab Session
@ 12-2pm Pacific

Explore the origins and patterns of your emotions, creating even more distance from outdated versions of yourself. Release old patterns and embrace authenticity, fostering radical self-acceptance and compassion for deep transformation

March 25-29th

Integration Week

During this week, I invite you to break away from the hustle and bustle of 'what's next' and embrace a slower pace of being. It's a time to honor the body and mind as they absorb and assimilate the new insights and experiences gained during our exploration of personification.


More Resources For Your Integration

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