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Purple Flower

Gratitude Offers

The truth is we all deserve support!
We deserve to feel inspired and capable!
I am so grateful to be where I am; to have the resources and strength, to not only empower women but to help them transform their mindset and life!
Purple Flower

Limiting Beliefs

Have you ever told yourself I won't do that again...

But then the moment comes and you do said thing AGAIN?

It's ok, it's happened to all of us!

Limiting beliefs are beliefs that limit us in some way that we hold to be true.

Limiting beliefs are embedded into our nervous system,
which is why logically

we can make sense of something,

but then in the moment we find ourselves in a different mindset. 

This is a daily workbook to help you become aware of your limiting beliefs. 


So you can have more POWER, choice, and control in navigating life's triggering moments and beautiful adventures.

Limiting Beliefs Workbook
Purple Flower

My Book of Worthy Invitations (volume 1)

Book of worthy invitations
Purple Flower

Did You Know:

🌿70% of people feel they are not good enough for anyone

🌿68% believe they are unworthy of love also admit they don’t like themselves

🌿66% believe they are “worthless and useless”

Past experiences get engrained into our nervous system and we often times find ourselves in situations or experiences where we have to “prove” our worth.


This e-book is here to empower you and deepen your internal sense of worth. 

To trust who you are and trust all of the amazing gifts that you have. 


Invitations to reconnect to your worthiness, whether it's

  • Saying no to the people in your life who are always pushing your boundaries 


  • Asking for a raise at work


  • Feeling strong and safe enough to take up space in this world.


You are worthy and you always have been. 


May this book guide you back to that place of deserved worth and offer a moment of inner illumination so that you may radiate even brighter in this world.

Purple Flower
Purple Flower

Your Divine Workbook

A Workbook created to support you in shifting from Stuck to Unstoppable

When it comes to goal setting, envisioning, and creating; do you feel as if you; 

✨Fall Short

✨Get Stuck

✨Lack Results


You are NOT alone.

Did you know, 80% of people who don’t stick with their goals.


It's not because you aren't enough or you aren't working hard...

Ther are SO many reasons that we don't meet goals... outside of those 2 narratives.

It's not your fault, I promise.


This workbook is designed to help you shift from feeling stuck to feeling unstoppable.

Your Divine 

A Workbook to help you shift your mindset and begin the process that is strengthening and healing Your Divine Relationship

Are you ready for;

DEEPER connections to:
Your desires
Your purpose?


Are you longing for;

MORE trust and balance in your relationships?

I've got your back!


In this workbook we will be diving into the most sacred relationship of them all.

The one which you have with yourself.

Your Divine Workbooks

About Des
That's me

I guide women to navigate BIG emotions by building inner trust through
somatics and play, so that they can live with better health, deep inner peace, and emotional freedom!

I am here to support women as they embrace ALL parts of themselves and come back home to self. 


My Vision

To live in a world where women feel safe in expressing themselves, powerful in their capacity to thrive, and confident in who they are.

I know that such a world exists, and women deserve that world.

A world where women aren’t struggling with self-doubt, we don’t abandon ourselves for partners, and we can feel safe in saying no, choosing ourselves, and pursuing OUR desires.
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