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Des Caminos

Embodiment Life Coach | Speaker & MC

Des has been leading international workshops around confidence building and women's empowerment for the last 5 years!

As an Embodiment Life Coach, Des helps women unleash their full potential and transform self doubt into self worth, so they can have more energy, fulfillment and confidence!

Des guides women to saying "Goodbye" to feeling stuck and "Hello" to fulfilling adventures with a deep trust in themselves 

Des has 5 years of experience speaking internationally to audiences up to 400



A proven path to possibility

Our brain is designed to keep us safe.

As a result it can really activate a fear response.

If you have ever felt scared:

  • Going into a sales conversation

  • Putting content out

  • Networking




In that state of fear the mind loud with; what if’s, should’s, and often not so nice inner thoughts. 


But what if...

Whenever you felt fear instead you felt a deep inner trust?

The trust that lets you exhale and move forward with ease, joy, and abundance?

Key Takeaways

A 4 step proven process to unlock potential and possibilities.


Did You Know?

I was a professional actress, improviser, and performer?

I used to run a Non-Profit in Czech Republic?

Additional Talk Topics:

The Power of Self-Belief:

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Achieving Success

Money Mindset Makeover:

Breaking Free from Your Money Story


Your Unshakeable Confidence:

Building Self-Esteem to Reach Your Potential


Silence The
Inner Critic

A Heart-Based Approach to Regaining Clarity and Confidence

Struggling with;

  • Getting caught in the details

  • Decision paralysis

  • Ruminating thoughts


You are NOT alone. 


DISCOVER how to; Silence The Inner Critic

So you can hear YOUR thoughts and have more confidence, energy, and fulfillment!

Key Takeaways


3 proven Heart Based Strategies to

Silence The Inner Critic and Regain Clarity ​

*These strategies come from dialectal behavioral therapy and somatic practices.

So you can start taking action immediately!

Looking For Something Different?

Des has led various talks internationally around;

Managing Expectations
Overcoming Self Doubt
Finding Freedom

Building Self Worth

Des has led seminars and workshops from;

Empowering diplomats to confidently speak in front of large audiences on any topic


Helping teens build self worth

(outside of social media)

Des is here for it all. 

"I've got your back"- Des

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