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Embody  your  Worth 

Embodying your worth. Ways to build your sense of self and self worth up. Helping your self love grow. Beat self doubt. Gain confidence.

A 3 Day Challenge Event to
Empowerment & Self-Discovery

March 27-29

Embodying your worth. Ways to build your sense of self and self worth up. Helping your self love grow.

So you can know your worth &
confidently share it with the world for more joy & fulfillment

"Our worth is not a commodity that we trade, barter, or give away
it is inherent to us , it is our birthright"

- Des Caminos

Embody Your Worth

Are you ready to;

Breakaway from self sabotage?

Stop doing things you don't want to, but feel like you have to?

Experience a deep inner trust in yourself?

I see you in your readiness!

Join me in this 3 day transformational challenge.



We get so busy being an adult
with all of the stacking expectations

that come with it,

we often get a little disconnected

from who we really are. 

This was me!
If this is you, know you are not alone.


I've got your back!


Discover how to confidently:

Breakaway from old thoughts and patterns like self sabotage, people pleasing, replaying old conversations.

Overcome limiting beliefs
Experience more choice and joy free from the past!

How to turn insight into inspired action
So you can keep the momentum in connecting to your desires and live a life you love, a life you deserve!


What women are saying

This Mini-Series was incredibly

life changing!

 Des's energy and passion in helping others really helped me see my worth that I never really knew was there.


I can feel it now and I am really focused on embodying it.


I really appreciated Des's visualizations and knowing that I can tap into those resources at any time.

I really liked hearing “there is no judgment in healing” and that this change won’t happen over night, that releasing these negative beliefs will feel uncomfortable but in the end will be so worth doing the internal work.

— Jenna

Wild Flowers

Thank you to Divine Intervention

I met Des

 Des helped me uncover areas of my life that I blocked (in regards to) my personal progress

I have discovered more aspects (of myself) and am connecting more and more each day. 

Allowing this light to shine slowly but surely as I step out of the dark tunnel that so consumed and I turn to the light that we all deserve

- Nurjanna


Des's Embody Your Worth workshop occurred at just the right time...

for me to receive her teachings around healing negative patterns around worth.


She structured each day of the workshop so thoughtfully and provided a safe environment to privately explore these immense feelings around worthiness and productivity in a small group setting.


The meditations and journal prompts Des offers in this and other workshops have been ones I revisit to gain deeper insights.


Highly recommend Des's courses for anyone curious about healing sticky emotions.

- L.

Flower Girl

Our time together


 How to live with more choice & freedom;

Break away from old patterns of ruminating thoughts & toxic relationships.


 Creating New Responses to Old Rules:

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs


Turning Insight into Inspired Action:

Embodiment Activation

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For your Embody Your Worth

FREE Ticket
March 27-29

Flower Girl
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