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Emotional Alchemy (18).png

Side effects can include:

✅Newfound sense of inner peace 

✅Elevated self-worth and a surge of confidence coursing through your veins

✅Soothing embrace of a regulated nervous system, bringing calm to chaos

✅Confident decision making free from the shackles of guilt or doubt

Transform Overwhelming Feelings Into Freedom
Through Improv

Eager to Understand the'Why' Behind Your Feelings

Caught in an Overactive mind?

Feel like your Emotions Have A Life Of Their Own?

Is this for you?

Are you ready to overcome Fear of failure for lasting abundance?

Are you ready to feel safe releasing Anger for less tension & better health?

Are you a women with a HUGE heart who knows deep down you are ready for MORE?

You are NOT Alone

Gina W.

“I just watched the training and what helped me the most is when you said something like looking at your triggers in a funny way like a zoo.
I almost can't wait to be triggered again to see if I can do it.  Thank you for changing my world.

Carolina K.

"My Big Take away was seeing how to reframe emotions in a way that gives me power to sort them and leverage them as insight into "WHY" this is showing up.And rather then brush it under the rug, grit down and Keep Grinding>>> "Slow Down & Tune in"

Jenna K.

"The last few days I have been noticing that where I used to carry my anger has turned more into patience and contentment. I feel much lighter and things that would easily tick me off don't really do that anymore"
Purple Flower

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Transform Feelings Into Freedom
You are NOT alone

You are not 'too much' or 'too sensitive' 
You are finely tuned to the rhythms of the human experience.

Your heart's capacity to feel deeply is a superpower,
igniting compassion, understanding, and love in a world that so desperately needs it.

Day 1

Understand the WHY Behind Your Feelings

Embark on a journey to unravel the mysteries of your mind, especially when dealing with overwhelming or intense emotions that seem to spiral out of control. Discover tools to navigate and regulate your feelings for emotional empowerment. Are you ready to discover the wisdom within your emotions?

Emotional Alchemy (1).png
Emotional Alchemy (1).png

Say 'Goodbye' to old patterns and painful past experiences that often lead to reactions like hiding, dissociating, and avoidance. Discover the art of creating psychological distance through tailored improv games and exercises. We unmask your emotions, guiding you to discover your authentic emotional expression and wisdom, enabling you to gain clarity and control over big emotions like anger and fear

Day 2

Unmask Your Emotions for Psychological Distance

Day 3

Release Resistance for Empowered Action

Step into a space of empowerment as you shed old narratives and allow a new chapter and story to emerge. Together, we'll release resistance so that you can overcome the fear of failure and pave the way for confident strides towards YOUR life of inner peace, lasting joy and emotional freedom!

Emotional Alchemy (1).png

Hi, I'm Des Caminos

I'll be leading your 3 day event!

I am an Embodiment & Somatic practitioner with 2 degrees and 7+ years of experience! I have been empowering women to navigate BIG emotions by building inner trust, so that they can liberate themselves from old patterns and live with better health, lasting abundance and emotional freedom.

After decades of a distorted sense of self, chronic pain, and intense fears of abandonment I took her life into a deeper level of healing and transformation. One that went beyond a style of therapy, a level of inner work that offered surrender, trust, and a sustainable style of growth and expansion.

My Sacred Why... My Mission
To empower women to experience such a deep level of inner trust that they never abandon themselves again to thoughts, fears, relationships, or work. 

To revolutionize the world we we live in allowing women a playful approach to reclaim themselves from BIG emotions and illuminate their path to inner freedom as the find safety, security, and lasting joy in coming home to self.

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