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Freeing The Woman,
Awakening The Goddess

Activating our Spirit's limitless power and potential; by Freeing Our Inner Woman & Awakening The Goddess that lies within us.


Being human is not always as easy as everyone makes it out to be. There are constant perceptions, narratives, judgments and just everything being thrown at us. It's a lot to consume let alone digest. It's not meant to be like that....  


This program will call to you if you are:

  • Tired of living in a pattern for so long but unsure or scared to come out of it

  • Feeling like there is something greater for you

  • Feeling an inner restlessness with your current life

  • In a new state of higher awareness but unsure or how to move forward or how to integrate who you are



Flower Pot

But How?

This program is a beautiful and intense journey for the self.

A journey that is designed to take you beyond your perceptions and bring you to your limitless place of potential and power. 

It serves as a bridge to take you to your awakened, activated, and embodied life. 

This program not only taps into the conscious mind; but the body, the subconscious, the spirit, and the inner Goddess.


By the end of this program you will:


  • Be able to meet and satisfy your own needs so that validation and worth are created internally. Free of unwanted coping mechanisms or attachments

  • Activate your Soul's purpose, power, plan​ and have a clearer direction in life

  • Trust yourself (more)​ so that anxiety can take a back seat and you can navigate though life with more confidence and knowing

  • Be able to call upon your Inner Knowing and access your limitless potential

  • Birth new ideas, projects, dreams, and aspirations

  • Move through life with the power of your inner Goddess

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It might also call to you if you are ready to step out of the traditional system of societal and familial expectations and be free to live a live that is yours.

A life that is beyond what you have been told, a life that is fully, utterly, authentically and powerfully YOURS

We are looking at ourselves through a larger scope. A scope of love and high vibrations. 

We're not scratching the surface or taking/giving blame.

We're diving deep into forgiveness and radical love. The kind of love that only our heart knows. 

Feel a sense of freedom and empowerment at YOUR awakend limitless power and potential

Pink Flower
Pink Flower
Flower Pot

What makes this program different?

This program is unique.

It is not here to help you reclaim your power. It is about accepting your power and freeing it of any fears, judgements, or false narratives.

The program is here to guide you in the process that is awakening your Spirit.
It gives a space where we are able to take off the perceived lens of who we are meant to be and finally give permission/allowance/opportunity to see ourselves... without any lens, any filter and finally BE ourselves, our true selves.

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This is for you if:

You are:

  • Willing to challenge old thoughts

  • Committed

  • Ready to do the work

  • Reflective

  • Open to "out of the bod" approaches

  • Accountable

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This is NOT for you if:

You are:

  • Judgmental

  • Closed minded

  • Manipulative

  • Unready

  • Unavailable &Inflexible

  • Not ready to believe in yourself  (it's ok, one day you will be)

What will you receive in this program to Free Your Woman & Awaken Your Goddess?


  • 10 group coaching sessions so that you can be witnessed in your growth and share the abundant and empowering energy with like minded women, who too, are stepping into their fullest self.

  • 3 activating meditaitons to guide you to a deeper place of connection and power. A place filled with limitless resources.

  • A welcoming questionnaire, to get you started immediately into this awakening process. To get clear on where you are and who you know you.

  • A Facebook Group, to inspire, to share, to connect, to be seen by other radiant souls in this specific group program. 

** Remember  you are not alone. 

  • A conclusion ceremony to celebrate your awaken Goddess and give praise to you, ALL of you.

What's included in your awakening?

Your Investment:

Pay Monthly Total $2004

Schedule a call to discover if this program is right for you.

We are looking at ourselves through a larger scope. A scope of love and high vibrations. We're not scratching the surface or taking/giving blame. We're diving deep into forgiveness and radical love. The kind of love that only our heart knows. 

By healing our inner wounds and freeing the parts of ourselves that have been caged/limited we can step into our wholeness. The us we were always meant to be, the us that we know we are. 

Questions or concerns?                    Feel free to contact us, we believe in communication and transparency. 

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