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Purple Flower


The truth is we all deserve support!
We deserve to feel inspired and capable!
I am so grateful to be where I am; to have the resources and strength, to not only empower women but to help them transform their mindset and life!

Please explore the following resources!

They are here for you!

Do you:

Struggle with self self sabotage, perfectionism, or the strong tendency to over achieve?

Have a difficult time
trusting yourself making decisions? 

Tend to find yourself in
unhealthy relationship patterns?

You are NOT alone, it's ok! I've got your back!

Schedule your Freedom Breakthrough
Call today!
Are you a serial student?

Do you love having videos and resources at your disposal to dive into whenever you want?

I invite you to check out the following videos.
All were recorded LIVE.

Want lifetime access to resources?

Video Replay LT
Understanding Suppressed Emotions
Check out my Limiting Beliefs Daily Workbook, My Book of Worthy Invitations, or Your Divine powerful workbooks!

These Workbooks are created to guide you to connecting to a deeper part of yourself, so you can have

more awareness, support, choice, and POWER
on your journey of creating a life you love! 

Do you love workbooks?


About Des
That's me

I guide women to navigate BIG emotions by building inner trust through
somatics and play, so that they can live with better health, deep inner peace, and emotional freedom!

I am here to support women as they embrace ALL parts of themselves and come back home to self. 

My Vision

To live in a world where women feel safe in expressing themselves, powerful in their capacity to thrive, and confident in who they are.

I know that such a world exists, and women deserve that world.

A world where women aren’t struggling with self-doubt, we don’t abandon ourselves for partners, and we can feel safe in saying no, choosing ourselves, and pursuing OUR desires.
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