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The Interconnected Self

 A transformational coaching practice where we transform self-doubt into self worth and heal the ROOT causes of any perceived limitations. 

Embodiment Life Coach
Somatic Practitioner

I help women overcome emotional triggers so that they can transform self doubt into self worth and break away from patterns of toxicity to live a life of clarity, confidence, and fulfillment. 

I specialize in inner child work, limiting beliefs, anxiety and overcoming trauma. I invite in a sense of play and safety so we can lovingly and safely look at the past while heading towards your bright future!

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Des Caminos


That's Me!

Therapy Sessions

Truth is life can be hard, deeply personal, challenging, and painful

I love serving women to empower them,

so they can have the tools to transform their unwanted (lower vibrating) emotions into those of confidence, power and inner trust


My Vision

To live in a world where women feel
SAFE in expressing themselves
POWERFUL in their capacity to thrive and
CONFIDENT in who they are.


I know that such a world exists,

and women deserve that world.


A world where women aren’t struggling with self-doubt, we don’t abandon ourselves for partners, and we can feel safe in saying no, choosing ourselves, and pursuing OUR desires.

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We live in a unique world,
each one of us blessed with such power, choice, and intention.
I am here to serve as that reminder;
to reactive and awaken the endless possibilities
that reside in you

Your life is uniquely and utterly yours.
It is a 
path filled with love, growth, and abundance.
Your path of abundance and purpose
is ready if you are.
Awaken your desires and activate your power and create that life you love, that life you deserve.

Des has been leading life changing, transformational workshops for the last 7 years internationally. 

Des has lived a life filled with pained past experiences.


She is no stranger to trauma...

She understands that she had to Live through certain things to truly Learn. 

Now she shares her MESSages with other women so they can live free and empowered.

Are you ready to try again?
To meet your own needs & strengthen who you are?

Want to know more about me...

Want to know what to expect?

Are you ready?

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