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Increase Your Intuition

Sunday October 30 

10AM-1PM Pacific


An Extraordinary 3 hour event

To guide you in strengthening your intuition.


Drop out of the analytical mind and hear your innate wisdom. 

Live with more confidence, support,  power and trust in YOURSELF


For the woman...


Who craves more....

Ready to unleash her power...

That welcomes her wisdom...

Who is ready to have a new found level of

confidence and inner trust!

It's time we stop listening to the voices around us and

start listening to the voice within

During this  event,
you will

Strengthen your intuition


Discover how to connect and hear the messages of your Higher self

How to navigate the wisdom of your emotions


BONUS 7 Day Chakra Challenge PDF & Meditations


You are filled with such innate wisdom

it's time to safely and lovingly embrace ALL parts of yourself...

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