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Do I have a choice?

With the world constantly moving around us we can feel like we are always in a state of disorientation.

We can feel like it’s; Hard to get grounded Hard to settle into a place of knowing… Especially with all of the changes, rules, and distortions happening around us.

With the shadows/ghosts of our past experiences and past thoughts it can feel like we don’t have choice… In our reactions In our future In our fragmented moments of time.

With the pain, anger, fear, love…. We can find it hard to feel like we have a choice in; How we interact with others How we interact with ourselves How we interact with the world How we interact with our shadows.

With the weight of all these conscious and unconscious factors it can feel like; We don’t have a choice in what is happening to us That we are not free to move about the world in a way that makes us feel safe, that makes us feel limitless.

When we fall into the patterns and narratives of our world, we loose sight of our inner power, our inner choice.

As we notice the different ways in which we feel limited our brain looks for more evidence in other ways we are limited. We fill up our conscious reservoir with an awareness of Pain Limitation Fear Anger Feeling caged.

So what can we do?

“The mind controlled and guided will free us” – Swami Dhyanayogananda

This is much easier said than done, but there is power and freedom in these words.

We can not control what happens in our world around us. As it moves into moments of chaos; as values tend to shift and become absolved by the distorted lens of right and wrong, we can feel like we have lost our choice in it.

However, You are so powerful. If you don’t believe me, think about; How powerful your imagination is? How powerful is your brain and imagination in moments of fear? How quickly can you imagine the worst case scenario? How quickly can you imagine a reality for the future for good or bad? You are powerful.

In bringing choice back to ourselves we are freeing our mind. Freeing it from the distorted lens of society. Freeing it from the false expectations of what is right and wrong. Freeing it from the judgments and fears around your dreams. Freeing it from swallowing words and emotions Freeing it from the cage that is living in the pain and limitations of the world.

From this free place you can hear your authentic voice. You can use the pain for growth, for healing, for expansion. You can move through the distorted reality of our world and stay grounded in your light AND by showing your light radiating from choice and love, you help illuminate others.

How different do you think your life, your community would look if you felt you had a choice in it? How many people do you think would one inspired by your choice? How many people, once connected to their choice and in a place of freedom, would feel safe and secure enough to help those still caged?

When we’re trapped, our mind can feel limited. Our brain responds differently. It responds from a place of survival. Our options become constrained.

It’s time we step out of the cage to see how to unlock it. It’s our time to rise.

Interested in learning more about your choice and power? Feel free to connect, I am here for it all. Des Caminos

Everything in this post and all posts on this site are part of the intellectual property of Des Caminos. These are messages from my heart to yours.

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