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Oh no… support… awkward….

Support, a concept that we are all familiar with, but a concept that many of us tend to fear, resent, disconnect from… you name it. We live in a world where we don’t always receive the support that we need.

When you think of support, what do you think of?

Do you go to a foundational/natural place.

Do you think of the support that Mother Earth gives you? How the ground supports you? How good shoes support you? How the big metal beams in your building support you? (I think they’re beams I am not so versatile in the building arena)

Do you think of support in your community?

Do you think of the support your colleagues give you? Your family?

Sometimes we have a difficult time connecting to support.

One of the many reasons this is; is because we have had experiences over time, where we needed support or expressed wanting support and were met with Frustration Manipulation Dismissal Judgment Or perhaps other un-supporting actions.

When this happens our body takes in this information and stores this in our body. We take in this experience and it integrates into our sense of safety, belonging, and sense of self. It becomes part of our subconscious understanding and association with support.

If you were a child needing help, needing support, and were met with someone telling you; “Can you just be quiet right now” “Figure it out yourself, you’re old enough” “If you ask for help people are going to think your weak” “Its better for you if you figure it out on your own” Honestly I could go on…. and on… and on but you get the picture When this happens we begin to build the narrative/belief system that Asking for support is weak or Asking for support means someone is going to expect something back or When I ask for support it’s an inconvenience to others… etc. So, we begin to move away from asking for support. We become so far removed from asking for support that we don’t even really know what it would look or feel like to be supported. The truth is we all need support. The beautiful thing is we all have the capacity to support one another…. It’s part of our human design. We carry so much pain and fear around support, but it’s time we dissolve these perceptions and connect to how we can be supported in this journey of life. How different do you think you’re life would be if you had the right support. The one that made you feel safe and limitless? You deserve that level of support. You deserve to thrive, to feel safe in asking for support. You deserve to feel that support and freedom in being the you that you were meant to be! So, an invitation to bring into your life to get clear on how you can be supported is to define it. What does safety mean to you? What does it look like? What does it feel like? The more specific you can be, the easier it is to start moving and inviting in support into your life. You deserve to be supported. You deserve to thrive. You deserve to life a life you love, a life you deserve. If you want to talk more about support or get some more invitations around it feel free to contact me! I am here for it all ❤

HIT ME UP! Des Caminos

Everything in this post and all posts on this site are part of the intellectual property of Des Caminos. These are messages from my heart to yours.

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