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What is purpose… and what is your purpose?

What is purpose? Everyone seems to promote it and speak about it, but what exactly does purpose mean?

According to Oxford languages purpose as a noun is,

“The reason for which something is done or create or for which something exists.”

As a verb it is to,

“have as one’s intention or objective.”

Thinking of purpose in this sense can be simple when thinking of say the purpose of a lamp or even the purpose of a meeting…. But when it comes to life… or the self how do we find or know our purpose?

First and foremost in finding our purpose we must define this weighted word. What does purpose mean to you?

To your individual self; free from the purpose definition and construct of society. (When I say that I mean our society, our community, our family, company etc.)

Our society likes to tell us what purpose is and specifically what your purpose should be. Your purpose is to consume

Your purpose is to be a devoted partner/mother

Your purpose is to make more money…

To bring in more clients

To be fit

To be healthy

To be the peacekeeper


That’s a lot of different purposes to hear, to process, to be….

So what about when we silence those outer voices? What does your heart say?

What is purpose? Purpose is________ It doesn’t have to be the big question of what is my purpose, just begin the process with the open question of what purpose is and what it means to you.

Being able to get clear on purpose will help guide you into refining and discovering your authentic purpose.

Ok Des, Why does this matter, don’t we all have the same purpose? To be good people of our community? Contributing members of society?….

Well my answer to that is No. We are not all meant to have the same purpose. Looking at out purpose with the vagueness of being a contributing member can be daunting, misleading and limiting. It’s important to connect to your authentic purpose, the one that fuels you with energy, with life, with love…

When we live outside of our purpose we can find ourselves in some different places… places of

  1. Exhaustion

  2. Physical pain

  3. Illness

  4. Hopelessness

  5. Event resentment…

  6. resentment towards work, friends, family, self…..

Maybe there’s been a time where you have felt this. Felt that what you were doing just wasn’t enough or right. There was a part of you that longed for something more, something deeper more meaningful or filling

Your heart whispered to you… in moments of stillness or the day it whispered. Reminding and calling to you to come back to your purpose. Connecting to our purpose isn’t something we are taught unfortunately… As a result, it’s something we have to rediscover and choose.

We have to learn to quiet the mind and its fears, doubts, expectations, habits etc.

Learn how to hear and listen to the heart. Finding our purpose is a beautiful, intimate journey for the soul.

Being able to connect to your purpose and then create and embody an authentic life filled with purpose takes choice and love… lots of inner love. Challenging old thoughts, beliefs and the status quo… this comes with emotions and it comes with such expansion….

It might seem a little scary or daunting but it might also seem riveting and freeing.

You came to this world with a unique gift. A gift that only you can bring. You are filled with such light, wonder, and strength.

Being able to live freely, embodying and pursuing your purpose is such a gift… and it is your birthright, and the world craves it.

When you step onto your path the Universe will send its love and many of its gifts.

You will notice the Universe’s unconditional support because what is best for you, is best for the world.

As you share your miraculous unique blueprint of life and all of your gifts, the universe will do everything it can to you show you how grateful it is that you’ve chosen YOU. That you have chosen to share you and all of your wonder with the world and that you are stepping onto your path of purpose.

Want to learn more about how to step onto your path of purpose? Contact me for additional resources, reflections, and support. Des Caminos Owner of The Interconnected Self LLC Stepping out of the box and into the body

Everything in this post and all posts on this site are part of the intellectual property of Des Caminos. These are messages from my heart to yours.

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