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Energetic Coaching Services

Using our energy, our intuition, and our Inner Knowing to heal

Image by Darius Bashar

Intuitive Somatic Healing

Connect to a deeper part of yourself in this intuitive somatic healing modality. 

Des will guide you through somatic exercises exploring thought patterns, memories, and stored trauma in the body. 

Our body holds memories and houses our beliefs in our nervous system. Connect to your body and connect to your Inner Knowing to heal in this unique path of life.

Reiki+ Energy Scan

Take time to connect and gain insight into your energy flow. Cleanse and balance your chakras and receive insights around creating a more balanced life. 

Reiki Therapy
Image by Susanna Marsiglia

Why Energy Work?

Our bodies, our essence, our beings carry energy. We are not simply just made of this, we interact with energy on a daily basis. Every hour, every minute, every second. Being able to tap into the deeper energies of the body offer a more interconnected and embodied life.

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