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Cactus on Yellow Wall

Des Caminos

"Live a life you love, a life you deserve" 


About me; 
The Speaker

While our head goes in circles with thought patterns,

Our heart waits in silence for us to turn inward.

I believe in challenging societal expectations and narratives

that limit us in our full expression of self. 

In a place of limitation it's hard to feel the potential for expansion


I have been working with the body for the last 6 years! 

We become so inundated with life and all of it's expectations and pressures that we silence our body, our inner voice.

Fun Facts!

Des was a professional improviser in Prague, CZ for 7 years taking various international stages.

She performed over 500 shows with audience sizes ranging from 25-200

Des facilitated and lead  confidence and public speaking workshop for diplomats?

A collective group of approximately 300 diplomats with the GO THINK initiative

Des has MC'd over a 100 events, including variety shows, comedy shows and women's summits!

Des has experience in voice overs, commercials, TV shows and short films?

I love sharing my energy with others so that they may find the inner illumination to share theirs!

Speaking Topics

Embody Your Worth

Tapping Into Your Limitless Power 

Are you ready to challenge 

Old thought patterns
Old narratives and



Are you ready to

Reactivating your bold and authentic worth. 

Invite in more power and choice

Live confidently in your sense of self.

In knowing our worth, we are able to make choices from an empowered place.

We don’t settle, we don’t defend or attack, because our faith in our worth is unwavering. 


We discuss: 

  • Stored perceptions/concepts in the body 

  • Releasing old narratives from a place of choice and power

  • Reconnection to worth.

Whether personal or professional, you will connect to your worth in all that you do.

Key Takeaways

Leaving with insight & actionable steps

...on how to dissolve any fears, doubts or limitations in regards to your worth.

Access your worth

Learn to access your inner reservoir of worth and power.



Become more grounded and energized in knowing your value.

Stronger sense of self worth

Stronger sense of self worth. Increased confidence in being able to share and express your worth.

Growing in Discomfot

Connecting to your expansion despite it all.

Coming soon

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