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Save Your Seat!

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I realize in registering how I am taking action for myself, and that is a beautiful thing!
Holiday Greetings

Break away from the; 


So that you can embody the beauty and joy of the season!

I promise, it's possible!

This is for you if you are struggling with...




You long for peace, awe, joy and emotional freedom but it just seems so hard...

No Judgment!


Imagine A Holiday where you are...

PRESENT with loved ones...

Enveloped in love free from that stacking list of expectations

CONFIDENT in navigating BIG emotions especially difficult family dynamics 


I promise it IS possible!


Are you ready to trade the holiday hustle for

genuine joy and inner peace this year?

For the woman ready to say

"Goodbye" to overwhelming expectations and
"Hello" to ease, abundance, & freedom!

Your Stress Free Holiday Roadmap goes beyond your ordinary webinars or training sessions, because I know ordinary isn't going to cut it for many of you! 



This 5 day training will be immersive pulsating with unique, unconventional exercises, specially designed to empower you to create lasting changes on your journey...

Not just for the holiday season, but beyond!

I promise, it's possible!

Gina W.

“I just watched the training and what helped me the most is when you said something like looking at your triggers in a funny way like a zoo.
I almost can't wait to be triggered again to see if I can do it.  Thank you for changing my world.


"I cannot thank Des enough for all the help, guidance, and support she has given me to show up honestly and work through life's issues and my own honestly and authentically.”


“I have been validating myself a lot more because of you and it is truly life changing."

Who is Des Caminos?

With 2 degrees, a love for puns and the outdoors,

Des is your Embodiment Coach & Somatic Practitioner!

For decades, Des struggled with overworking, intense emotions, and a relentless Inner Critic that fueled countless shame spirals and catastrophic thoughts!

Today, Des harnesses her education and life experiences to offer unconventional, yet powerful, ways to heal old wounds and break away from old patterns for lasting change! 


Women deserve more than conventional!

They deserve something soul stirring, transformational, and unique to their journey... and Des knows that!

She has worked with 100s of women internationally, including UN Ambassadors, guiding them to drop out of the analytical mind so that they can experience more confidence, joy, and emotional freedom! 
Now, she's here to guide you on Your Stress Free Holiday Roadmap.

"Wherever you are in your journey, know that you are not alone.

I've got your back, always!
Together We Radiate
Together We RISE!"
- Des Caminos


That's Me!


Day 1:



Ocean Water

Day 2:

Navigating BIG Emotions

Under Water

Day 3:

Overcome Fear of Failure

Two Ripples

Day 4:


Money Wounds


Day 5:

Release Resistance for Empowered Action

Thanks to Divine Intervention

I met Des...

"Des helped me uncovered areas of my life so that I could deal with past experiences that were blocking my progress. 

I discovered more aspects of myself and am connecting more and more each day while allowing my light to shine slowly but surely as I step out of the dark tunnel that so consumed me and I to the light that we do all deserve!"

Nurjanna O.

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