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3 Keys to Navigate



February 19-21st, 2024 @ 2pm Pacific

Your decision to be part of this journey speaks volumes about your courage and commitment to growth.

Prepare for a soul-stirring adventure where you'll explore emotions, create psychological distance, and release resistance.


Throughout our immersive days together, expect to unravel the mysteries of your mind, discover emotional wisdom within, and pave a path towards inner peace, lasting joy, and emotional freedom.

Get ready to elevate your transformation journey alongside a supportive community, laughter, and learning!

Day 1 : 

Understand the WHY Behind Your Feelings

Day 2:

Unmasked Your Emotions for Psychological Distance:

Day 3:

Release Resistance for Empowered Action 

You are not alone!
I've got your back.


To make the most out of the event

Join us LIVE!

February 19-21st
2- 3:00 pm PST | 5-6:00 pm EST

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 830 7370 4134

Passcode: freedom

Keep an eye out for

future emails

I will be sending you a WORKBOOK to

accompany you during this journey!
So you can write down your Ah-ha's & Oooh's 
They will come from

This is
YOUR time Radiant Soul
this is for YOU!

"3 Keys to Navigate BIG Emotions"

goes beyond your ordinary webinars or training sessions, because I know ordinary isn't going to cut it for many of you!


This 3 day event will be immersive pulsating with unique, unconventional exercises, specially designed to empower you to create lasting changes on your journey...

Picture yourself winning incredible prizes, like the "Limiting Beliefs Workbook" or a free 45 minute Sacred Somatic Session, as you embark on your transformative journey.  

I know for healing and transformation to happen the resources I share with you better be easy, proven, practical, and FUN!


I've got your back!


Congratulations again Radiant Soul, on taking this empowering next step for yourself!

I see you in your readiness and I am over here celebrating the Shiitake out of you!

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