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 The Connected   Parent 

 At home course for parents with teens 

Do you;

  • Struggle with navigating your teens mood swings?

  • Argue over the same thing; like cleaning their room?

  • Worry about how they are building self worth?

You are NOT alone


The Connected Parent,

is a 3 part at home series for parents;

who are looking to deepen their relationship with their teen,

while also providing parents with resources to

help their teen navigate mood swings and their self worth.

 The Connected   Parent 


Module 1



With Your Teen

DISCOVER 3 ways to deepen and strengthen your connection with your teen.


Module 2

Interpersonal Communication

LEARN a template that you can use to navigate conflict

with your teen...

and others! 


Module 3

Building Self Worth

LEARN 3 ways to help build your teens self worth!

 A 3 part at home course for parents with teens 


What's Included?

  • 3 pre-recorded webinars to be watched at your convenience

  • 2 workbooks to help you integrate, practice, and take action

  • 1 info graph to help with difficult conversations.

  • Daily Chart

The Connected Parent

Grab your at home support series 



By the way...

I'm Des Caminos

By the way...

I'm Des

I have been working with young adult/teens for the last 5 years.

I am passionate about helping young teens build self-worth and resilience outside social media while also guiding them to effectively manage mood swings.

With a degree in psychology and a focus in developmental psychology, I help teens navigate their emotions, stay regulated and true to themselves.

My goal is to give teens the foundation they need to thrive, both now and in the future, without feeling the pressure to abandon any parts of themselves or be held back by mood swings.


That's Me

I am committed to supporting young women into building their self worth internally!

- Des Caminos

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