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Are you overwhelmed with the world?

Do you feel like there is more to you than meets the eye?


Is there a part of you that knows you have more power and potential than what is being used?

Do you ever feel...

Being human can be really hard in this world!
And so can be being a bender… or even an AVATAR

We all have unique gifts in this world. 


We are all accompanied by the Spirit world to thrive and create a world of peace…

But first, it must start with your inner world and you are your own

I get it & you are NOT alone!

Are you ready to:

  • DISCOVER a new level of inner power

  • LEARN new techniques for balance 

  • EXPERIENCE a new level of support and confidence


That's  Me!

I'm Des!

  • Embodiment Life Coach 

  • Reiki Practitioner

  • With training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)…




I love connecting the lessons of ATLA with TCM as they are so connected and filled with such powerful techniques!

These techniques are centuries old, designed to; 

  • REGUlATE Your Emotions

  • REDUCE Stress

  • DISCOVER Your Inner Power!.

I am here to share them with YOU.

Just like Sokka’s boomerang…. I’ve got your back


Register Now!

Don't Wait 100 Years Before You Master Your Avatar

Thank you for helping restore balance to the world by choosing you!

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Just like Sokka’s boomerang….

I’ve got your back

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