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What To Expect?

During our sessions things may get

a little emotional 

a little unexpected

a little intense. 
That's ok 

Life is emotional, full of un-expectations, and a little intense. 


Remember whatever comes up is OK.
You feel the way you do for a reason.

I've got your back and I know that in sharing my tools and insights with you you will be able to live with more:

Power in your thoughts

Choice in how you respond to the world
Strength in knowing who you are.

Trust in Yourself


"There is no judgement in healing"


You deserve to live your best life.

and you always have 

Sometimes we can feel stuck,

Stuck in our thought patterns

Stuck in our routine

Stuck in our lives.

I am committed to helping women have more power in their life so they can have more choice in what happens in their life and how they respond to it.

Where do I hold sessions?

I meet with clients online.

This way after our session you have the safety to process and integrate all that was discovered in the comfort of your own home.

No car to drive, no face to put on, just a moment for you.


Want to see if we're a good fit?

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