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Stepping Onto Your Path of Purpose

Connect to your heart's desire and soul's purpose while feeling universal support. 

A 5 day Live Online Series!                                            June 20-22.         June 27 & 28

Replays will be available for 10 days after the event

This might call to you ....

If you are feeling called to do more... to be more...

If you are craving more for your life... 

more for your day

If you are feeling stuck and looking for direction...

Stepping Onto Your Path of Purpose, What is my purpose, finding my purpose, finding my path

This was created with you in mind... 

Pursuing your dreams, finding your purpose, what am I meant to do, chasing your dreams, inner trust
To grow the individual and collective muscle that is trusting yourself and your intuition.
To offer support and guidance to women who are stepping into their path of purpose wonder & alignment
To heal wounds around doubt, success and pursuing your dreams.
To offer resources & unconditional support in an area that is flooded with information, judgment & expectations.
To give you a new template for success and happiness.

Program Benefits Include:

Waking up with more excitement and connection to your heart's desires so that you can move through the day with purpose and joy.

Feeling a deeper sense of self worth and confidence so that you move from a grounded place of power and trust.

Being able to acknowledge, receive, and call upon more universal support in your life ventures.

Stronger intuition so you can hear your authentic voice and move from a place of inner knowing and truth.

What to
expect during the program?

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  • 3 Live webinars that will offer deeper insight into connection to your heart's desire, purpose, and limitless support. ----> Each webinar with a unique visualization/activation.
Held via the platform Google Meets. (recordings will be available on our dedicated replays page for 10 days after the event)
  • 2 Group live coaching sessions to offer direct feedback and awareness to the group as well as your specific needs.
  • A closing ceremony to give thanks for the mind, body, spirit for this process that is stepping onto your path of purpose and activating our heart's desire and soul's blueprint so that we may embody it daily, move with confidence and alignment.

Your Investment:$57

And The Days To Come.....

Day 1; June 20th,2022
11:00-12:00 PST


Diving into trust. Addressing narratives and limiting beliefs while also building your internal muscle of trust.

Day 2; June 21st,2022 
11:00-12:00 PST


Inviting in insight and freedom in ways to support yourself as well as embody your deserved future.

Day 3; June 22nd, 2022 
11:00- 12:00 PST

Tapping into desires, purpose, path by sitting in the unknown and calling in your inner wisdom to envision and guide.

Day 4 & 5;
June 27th & 28th, 2022

Time to be voted as a group 


Group coaching session to offer direct feedback and awareness. 

Addressing potential challenges and activating deeper internal resources.

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Your Facilitator: Des Caminos


About Des

I activate and awaken deeper dreams and a stronger sense of interconnectedness and knowing within my clients.


I help them tap into their own inner strength… a limitless resource of divine energy, purpose, and potential by healing inner wounds.

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