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Content Creatix

A 90 day Journey to Greater & Safer Expression, Visibility, & Impact

Empowering Perfectionists to Create with Confidence

Experience radical self-acceptance, emotional freedom, and lasting confidence as you learn how to create content that not only resonates with your audience but also converts. Say 'Goodbye' to the fear of failure and judgment, and 'Hello' to content that effortlessly attracts your ideal clients.

Are you full of wisdom and ideas..

Yet you

Feel stuck and unsure when it comes to creating content?

Hide your unique voice and potential behind the fear of being judged?

Struggle with fear of being judged?

I get it me too!🙋
Recovering perfectionist here!


This is a BETA group for women who are READY to:

Step into the spotlight and create content that leaves a lasting impact?"


Share & Embrace their authentic voice for creating content that converts


Transform your content creation process into one that is confident, efficient, and impactful?

Is this you, you Radiant Rockstar?


What to Expect

Pink Nature

3 LIVE Monthly 
Content Creator Calls

DISCOVER the secrets to authentic expression and compelling content creation. Get ready to maximize your time, break through resistance, and unleash your true essence, leading to higher engagement and deeper connections with your audience.

Customized Content Calendar

Your ROADMAP to success!

Strategically crafted to boost visibility, engagement, and support launches, this calendar streamlines your content journey, freeing you to focus on authentic connections and achieving your goals

Reel & Video Templates

UNLOCK proven templates and unique methodologies to craft reels and videos that authentically showcase your essence and wisdom. Elevate your content to stand out and engage your audience like never before.

Mindset Resources for Lasting Confidence

Your TOOLKIT for sustained empowerment! 


Curated resources designed to nurture unwavering confidence and liberate yourself from old patterns for a lasting mindset of confidence, abundance, and freedom. With these resources at your fingertips, you'll cultivate lasting confidence to conquer any challenge and thrive in your visibility, expression, and impact

Essence Unveiling Assessment

For early enrollment Creatrixes

DIVE into a personalized journey of self-discovery with unique questions and reflections aimed at unleashing your essence and style. Following your assessment, you'll receive 3 tailored content ideas and a customized content calendar, saving you valuable time and energy while amplifying your creative output.

A Time Unlike Any Other

A REALM where content growth intertwines with personal and professional transformation. Picture yourself surrounded by like-minded women in a playful, safe, and quirky environment, where every moment is an opportunity to up-level not just your content, but your entire being.

Group calls will begin in June with our official start
Content Creatix is a BETA group with limited spots
The investment is $197/month

For those ready to embark on this journey now, the opportunity awaits! You can join today and gain access to an extended program spanning April and May, offering immediate resources and support.

By joining now, you secure your spot in the group program and unlock an additional two months of individualized support and resources. Through a personalized assessment, you'll receive tailored guidance to kickstart your journey, including three content ideas based on your assessment and a customized content calendar designed to streamline your efforts and conserve your time and energy.

Group program calls tentatively scheduled for 10:30am Pacific and will be 1hr long.


Have Questions?

I've got your back! 

Thanks for submitting!

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