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The Empowered Woman
A 9 -week transformational group Coaching journey
to Better Health, More Confidence, & Improved Relationships.

No longer feeling alone in your struggles.

Having someone in your corner who sees, hears and understands you and really “gets it.”


Setting firm boundaries and lovingly upholding them without fear.

Now Imagine; 

6 Super-Sheros having your back throughout the Holiday Season, and having a solid strategy & plan

to help you walk into the New Year with ease, joy and purpose.

get next level support to:

  • Navigate & Master Your Emotions, Mood & Mindset. 
    So you can be unapologetically & authentically YOU. 
    Create the life you want on Purpose.


  • Be Empowered Around Food, Eating & Your Overall Health. 
    Release unwanted weight, love your body in the process, and feel confident to go after whatever you desire.


  • Create Intentional Connection & Better Boundaries in Your Relationships.  
    Enjoy quality time with loved ones while still staying true to yourself.


What's Included?

  • 6 Group Coaching Calls.

  • 3 Laser Group Coaching Calls.

  • Bonus Orientation and Welcome Session for Fast Action Takers.

  • Access to all 6 of your coaches M-F in the FB group to get your questions answered.

  • A “Graduation” Ceremony to celebrate your growth and success!

  • AND Sisterhood support in the Private FB community so you know you are never alone.


Week 1

Managing Stress & the Food Frenzy
- Emotions, Mood, Mindset


Week 2

Relationships Pushing Your Buttons?

How to Protect & Prepare Yourself.


Week 3

Group Laser Coaching

Week 4

All the Feels! Honoring Sadness, Loss & Grief in the midst of Celebration


Week 5

Safety, Respect & Responsibility: Energetic Boundaries & Asking for What You Want & Need


Week 6

Group Laser Coaching


Week 7

Your Results CAN Be Different: Women, Weight & Will-Power. 


Week 8

Nourishing Relationships:  

Healthy Commitment to Self and Others


Week 9

Group Laser Coaching


the  Empowered Woman 

A 9 -week transformational group Coaching journey

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