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Free Events

No one should feel alone

in their journey of healing, growth, expansion.

You are not alone.

I've got your back!

These are FREE events that I offer to the community,

to help others gain more clarity and confidence!


I am committed to helping women rise above feelings of

self doubt and hopelessness into a place of inner trust, 

so they can confidently handle whatever challenges

life throws at them with ease and inner strength!

We all deserve a life we love!

Women's Support Circle:

A community circle of women

Feel supported and seen

in a safe container of community.

Join us in this circle

of refuge... of sanctuary 

Where you can take a breath

and be witnessed 

by other loving women. 

Woman with Freckles
Woman's Portrait

Are You Struggling with Toxic Relationships?
Oct. 4
th, 2022

11:00AM PST

Over 80% of women struggle with toxic relationships...

If you find yourself in a relationship where you:

  • Are swallowing your words

  • Walking on eggshells

  • Questioning your worth

  • Doubting yourself

  • Feeling unheard, unseen...



During this event, I will share:


3 ways to Regain Your Clarity & Break Through Self Doubt.

Woman with Freckles

Women People Pleasers

Become a
Boundary Badass

You are so much more than what you do for others. 

I see you in all that you give.
As women it can be extremely difficult to say no to people. 
Now is the time for YOU.


If you:

  • Don't feel safe in saying no

  • Have been raised to be the caretaker -nurturer

  • Are empathetic and love helping people...


  • Are exhausted all the time in over giving

  • Feeling like you are taken advantage of

  • Which you had more time for yourself

Then this is for you.

During this free event, I will be sharing:

3 ways to become a Boundary Badass. 

So you can have more energy for yourself and others while maintaining respect for others and YOURSELF

Stressed Woman

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