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What’s YOUR success?

We all have this notion or idea of what success is, maybe even how to achieve it… but how come when we follow the templates, work overtime, send the emails, have the late nights and early mornings we don’t hit “success”?

We live in a society where we are constantly being bombarded with what to do, how to do it, and what it should look like. Even if we manage to check all of those boxes, sometimes we still feel empty…

So how can we really achieve success? This is something that I could go on for hours about because it’s something that comes up with my clients often, but I wanted to share some basic exercises to help you, because we all deserve to have success, our own success.

Writing exercises to connect to YOUR authentic success

1) Define success. What does success mean to YOU. What definition would you give it in your own words? How does success feel in your body? Also, how does success look like in life? This is an important place to start because it is so much easier to move towards something when we know what we are looking for. Even our subconscious becomes more open and aware to start looking for these in our daily life. Being able o get specific about YOUR version of success is going to make it so much easier for you, because nothing is more frustrating (to say the least) than climbing someone else’s success mountain only ro realize it’s not yours.

2) How do you measure success? Do you measure it with goals, with money, with time? However you measure it, ask yourself why? Is that how YOU want to measure success or how you were programmed to? Look at your definition of success and how you want it to look at use that as your measure. Example; success is gaining meaningful connections and staying in alignment with myself, my values, and having FUN.

Honestly, success should be measured in regards to the how much fun you are having. Without having fun, you can fall victim to burn-out, procrastinating, resentment, lack of motivation, guilt, unfair expectations, pressure, hopelessness… you get the picture….

So for YOUR success get clear on what that means, feels, and looks like. Remember measure your success with how much FUN you are having. Success should bring you joy, the energy that you will bring invite with this mindset and belief will change the way you perceive and attain it. 

So good luck everyone and I wish you all loads of success because YOU DESERVE IT.

Let me know how you define success, I love hearing about everyone’s success mountain!

Want to learn more about success? Let me know or contact me, I am here for it all.

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